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Blatter And Mugabe Separated At Birth, Say Genealogists








WORLD—A group of world renowned genealogists have reportedly released a list of DNA facts that proves beyond doubt that Sepp Blatter and Robert Mugabe were separated at birth.

  1. Both Blatter and Mugabe are slapheads with uniquely identical bald domes.
  2. They both love to scratch their follicle deficient scalps when engaged in media obfuscation.
  3. Their love of making regular controversial statements.
  4. Their brazen periodic controversial re-elections.
  5. Their leadership candidacy riddled with rumours of bribery, backroom dealings and outright corruption.
  6. Their shameless obduracy at holding on to power regardless of public opprobrium.
  7. Their uncanny ability to bask and thrive under public infamy.
  8. The inordinate enrichment of their cronies to unbelievable levels.
  9. Both are recipients of dubious awards and honours.
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