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- Lenny Bruce


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Trump Signs Historic Trade Deal With North Korea

                  The two nuclear blowhards celebrate their historic deal WASHINGTON—During his first trip abroad as president, Donald Trump is reported to have signed a historic trade deal with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un—to export [...]

May 27, 2017 bonkers, business, government, politics

Dam Buster (ANIMATION)


December 6, 2014 animation, bonkers, comics, videos
cartoon sketch vector

Horstrich Comics: Scottish Referendum Fallout


October 5, 2014 bonkers, comics, news, politics

Stop This Banana, Balls And Bonkers Science ─ By King Kong

As a Hollywood veteran, after a hard day’s work in the Universal Studios or on location, I just want to return to my hotel suite and kick back with about a dozen fingers of banana. Ahh…bliss! So you can imagine [...]

February 6, 2014 bonkers, celebrity, commentary, film, food, health, news, science

Women Cheat On Men With Big Balls, Say Scientists


February 6, 2014 bonkers, celebrity, commentary, film, health, news