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Satire is tragedy plus time.

- Lenny Bruce


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Great White Sharks In New Zealand

Contrary To Recent Opinion, The Great White Shark Remains A Deadly Predator– By Queen White

                          As Queen of all the Great White Sharks left in the seas, I have watched and squirmed with great embarrassment as the unedifying image of Lil’ White [...]

October 17, 2013 animals, commentary, food, news

We Only Want To Bomb The Guilty People From Now On— By Ayman al-Zawahri, Al-Qaeda Leader

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you, depending on what time of day it is in your little insignificant corner of the world whenever this message hits you. I’d like to cut to the chase by stating that over the [...]

October 7, 2013 commentary, news, politics