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Syrian Refugees Reject UK Council Estate Housing

                    INFLATABLE DINGHY BOUND FOR EUROPE—As 40 UK Councils pledged to provide sanctuary for Syrian refugees, sources report from inside a listing Europe-bound inflatable dinghy that refugees have vowed to reject [...]

September 9, 2015 government, immigration, news, politics, war

Ukip Releases New And Improved Life In The UK Test Syllabus For Migrants (VIDEO)


April 8, 2015 immigration, news, politics, videos

Go Home Or Go Scot: Crying illegal Nigerian immigrant, doesn’t want to be deported to Scotland (VIDEO)


December 5, 2014 immigration, news, politics, videos

Pilot: Go Home Or Go Scot 2: Tearful illegal Nigerian immigrant (VIDEO)


December 4, 2014 immigration, news, police, videos