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Rough Sleeper Camped Outside Waterstones For 55 Years Was Waiting For Harper Lee’s Sequel

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PICADILLY, LONDON—Following the publication of Harper Lee’s second book Go Set A Watchman, a rough sleeper who had camped outside Waterstones in Picadilly for 55 years has finally left the spot after being the first reader to get his hands on the book, according to reports.

Sources said the recumbent geezer had suddenly turned up in 1960 after reading To Kill A Mockingbird at the age of 18, and lived outside the bookstore ever since.

“This bloke came and set up camp outside Waterstones one day in 1960,” said Joe Paisley, a Picadilly resident, himself a septuagenarian. “He only ever reads To Kill A Mockingbird. And if you walk past him, you hear him mumbling, ‘She’s got a book in her, yet, Ms Harper Lee. I’m staying here till she writes one more book.’ But what an eyesore he was. The local authorities and police couldn’t get rid of him.”

At post time, sources confirmed that after reading only two pages of the new book on a park bench, the Mockingird die-hard fan gave a wide yawn before propping his head with the book and drifting off into a deep slumber.

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