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Texas Bikers Shootout Just Celebrating Release Of Mad Max: Fury Road

May 19, 2015 film, gangs, guns, lifestyle, news

Texas Bike Gang











WACO, TEXAS—Saying that the world was too easily outraged these days, bike gang leader Mike ‘Razor Beard’ Wyatt told reporters that the bikers had only embarked on the free-for-all shoot ‘em up that killed nine bikers to celebrate the release of the fourth instalment of Mad Max.

“Hey, the world needs to calm down,” said Wyatt. “Bikers and other petrol heads have been waiting 30 years for the return of Mad Max and George Miller goes and gives us this pure adrenaline, high-octane perfection in Fury Road, and you don’t want us to lose our heads? C’mon, give me a fucking break.”

“Ok! Granted nine members died. Surely, considering the all-out supercharged pump action film we’re talking here, that’s not too bad.”

At post time, sources said Wyatt could be heard chanting “Long live Mad Max” as he was dragged into a waiting police van.


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